Cleanup volunteers in Hudson, WI

Cleanup volunteers in Hudson, WI

River Awareness Week 2014 is July 12-20th!

Preparations are underway for River Awareness Week 2014. Check back at this site for more information coming soon.

Thank you to the volunteers who helped to make River Awareness Week 2013 clean-ups such a great success! And to the members of the river communities, thank you for supporting this special week by attending many of the fun events that were held up and down the St. Croix River!

Volunteers at the Friends of Wild River State Park annual cleanup

Cleanup volunteers at Wild River State Park.

Here are some statistics for the river clean-ups that were held on the St. Croix River during the week:

  • 94 Volunteers with a combined 255 hours of service. Thank you!
  • 29 River miles were cleaned-up.
  • 730 pounds of garbage collected – 59% of it recyclable! Great job!
  • 27% plastic; 30% aluminum cans; 20% paper; 9% Styrofoam; 8% scrap metal; 3% clothes/shoes (many orphaned flip flops); 2% cigarette butts (!); 1% tires (5); and 2 camp chairs.

BassThe debris collected in Hudson was added to the armature of a bass, named “Scrappy.” Minnesota sculpture artist Mary Johnson was commissioned through a private grant to create the river-themed sculpture for RiverFest. The steel armature for her splashing bass figure was constructed in her studio. Students from the Phipps’ Just Add Water class then worked with the artist to complete the sculpture using debris collected during the river cleanup. The sculpture is now on permanent display at Camp St. Croix and is available for transport to future events.

Water Quality Testing at Wild River CleanupA highlight for Scout Troop 242, at the Wild River State Park cleanup, was helping Ranger Kacie Carlson with water quality monitoring.

If you’re interested in holding a special event or cleanup for River Awareness Week 2014, contact the St. Croix River Association at!

The St. Croix River is one of the cleanest tributaries leading into the Mississippi, but it’s not without its challenges with high levels of phosphorus and invasive species among them. For one week, the awareness that you can give to the St. Croix River, and the rivers that flow to it, will help build a connection that will continue through the year.